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The ATC-610

Thank you for viewing this web page. The page was put together quickly in order to host the MP3 files you will see below and will likely be edited and re-organized in the future.

Your help is requested. If you have files related to the ATC Flight Simulators (ATC Flight Training Devices), please share them with us.

We will be pleased to add your information to this site as a repository of information for other owners and users of these devices. The ATC models most popular and well known include the ATC-610, ATC-710, desktop control panels, ATC-112H, helicopter, ATC-810, ATC-820, twin engine and ATC-920, 1900 turbo prop aircraft. There is also an ATC-510 model that seems popular on e-bay.

The ATC model 610 IFR flight training device is often called a "flight simulator". The device is a valuable tool for pilot training and practice, especially in the teaching of the basic instrument scan, instrument maneuvers, partial panel flying, VOR-DME/ADF navigation, holding patterns, instrument approaches and missed approach procedures. FAR §61.65 allows for up to 20 hours in an ATC-610 can be credited toward the requirements of a pilot's instrument rating.

ATC-610 Flight Training Device Audio Files

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