Cozy Mark IV Chapter 2, Bill of Materials

The Cozy Mark IV Chapter 2 section is simply an introduction to the materials, distributors, and sources for all of the stuff you will need to build your airplane. This bill of materials includes everything from the antenna kits, tools, and equipment to the epoxy, fiberglass, wood, and foam. The list is very long and is organized in two ways... first by material type and second by chapter.

Most builders buy their materials as they go instead of in one big bulk order. Having the bill of materials organized by chapter helps those of us who like the pay as you can afford it model.

One other useful thing in this chapter is a diagram entitled "foam parts layout". This diagram helps you layout all of the styrofoam cuts on the bulk pieces in a way that is most efficient and minimizes waste. Some of the different types of foams are expensive, so the less you waste, the less your project will cost you.

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