Cozy Mark IV Builders Log

Over the next several years, this web site will develop into a construction log documenting my Cozy Mark IV aircraft project. While I do keep a written notebook of measurements, weights, building logs, and other information, the use of web pages makes the process far more organized and detailed with photographs and ease of navigation. Since I must document my build, I may as well document it online.

Why document the build process online:
This web site will document the journey of my airplane construction.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that any person applying for an airplane airworthiness certificate must fully document the building process in order to be granted the certificate. Like many others, I will use the web as part of the documentation process both for my benefit and the benefit of other builders.

Due to the complexity of the project, being able to look at the photos and the log of other builders is very valuable. It is my hope that my photos and descriptions help and encourage other builders. I welcome your questions or comments. Visit my contact information page to find my e-mail address or other contact information.


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