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Cozy Mark IV Builders Log online and miscellaneous thoughts.

Purpose: Slowly over the next several years, this web site will develop into a construction log documenting the Cozy Mark IV aircraft project I am working on. A detailed construction log is required in order to get a home built aircraft certified and I have chosen, as many other builders have, to make my builders log in the form of a web site.

What is a Cozy Mark IV?
The Cozy Mark IV is an experimental-category airplane. For me, however, it is a hobby that I enjoy working on with my wife during the weekends. We also enjoy visiting fly-ins to socialize with other airplane builders and enthusiasts.

More specifically, the Cozy Mark IV is single-engine, four-seat, real airplane that you and your friends can get in and fly. It is made out of composite materials and is capable of easily flying over 1,000 miles nonstop at cruise speeds. It is a fast airplane that cruises around 175 miles per hour (faster at the sacrifice of fuel economy). If I finish after many years of weekends, I will join a fraternity of hundreds of others who have built their craft from their copy of the same written plans. Yes, plans- there is no kit available for this. This is a project that is started by purchasing a book of plans and drawings.

Education and business: I earned a degree in engineering, spent several years working as an engineer in the area of patents and intellectual property. Then, for the better part of a decade, I acted as the territory manager and FAE (field applications engineer) for a UK-based mid-sized analog semiconductor company. After many years leading sales in the semiconductor industry, I lauched two corporations: a technology startup and a manufacturers rep and consulting firm which handled sales of our products and the products of other manufactuers.

Other hobbies and interests: In addition to aviation and airplane building, I am an avid photographer and also do some stock photography for listing with an agency. In the past, both electronics design and amateur radio (I hold a general class license) were strong interests. These days, however, it is very rare that I exercise my amateur radio license.


 News and announcements

ATC-610 MP3 Audio Files
Oct 12, 2010 Audio files used to accompany the ATC-610 flight simulator series of flight training devices has been uploaded to the site for owners and users of these FTDs for pilot instrument-rating proficiency, currency, or training. Additional files such as approach plates, modifications, and service manuals are requested.
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Cozy Chapter 6, Added lower firewall
November 11, 2007. My consulting business has kept me too busy lately to work on the airplane. After finally getting my findings and recommendations report out to my clients, I was able to get back to Cozy-construction. The lower firewall has been attached to the fuselage and I am now working on the seat back brace, fuel selector, and soon- fuselage bottom.

Cozy Chapter 6, Step 1 almost complete
April 1, 2007. The fuselage is now "up-side-up" and the reinforcements on all of the bulkheads are complete (except for the firewall). Bulkhead F28 has been installed slightly aft of plans as suggested in the FAQ. After drilling the holes for the aileron torque tubes in the landing gear bulkheads, and making the square holes for the longerons and stringers, the lower firewall can be floxed into place and Chapter 6, Step 2 can begin.

Cozy Construction continues with fuselage assembly of my Cozy Mark IV project
March 25, 2007 Chapter 6 (fuselage assembly) gave me many problems as I assembled the landing gear bulkheads. After measuring about 90 times to try and figure out what the problem is, I finally pulled out the Fein tool and cut the landing gear bulkheads out of the plane. Over the weekend, the landing gear bulkheads have been glassed into the aircraft for the second time. This time taking the suggestion of the CozyGirrrls and laying up the BID tapes over wet flox. It if faster, easier, and works very well.
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ATC 610 Flight Simulator For Sale (USA Only)
I have an ATC 610 Flight Simulator / Flight Training Device (FTD) for sale.

I have two ATC 610 simulators and can only fly one at a time, so I will have to let one of them go. Keep your IFR currency- or, for you CFIs, this is the tool your business needs to increase revenue. e-mail me for details, photographs, etc. Fly the ATC 610 Flight Simulator for training and to maintain current rather than the cost of the aircraft and fuel. Stay IFR current in any weather.
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