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Long EZ Plans - (a few photographs of what original plans look like)

Website Update: LongEZ plans are SOLD. I no longer have plans to sell.
Sorry for the delayed update to this site.

I want someone to buy my plans AND build an anazing aircraft from them. I prefer to sell to a builder and not a collector.

The Rutan Long-EZ is a homebuilt aircraft with a canard configuration and two seats in a tandem arrangement. The Long-EZ, a derivative of the VariEze was designed by the Rutan Aircraft Factory headed up by Burt Rutan (VariEze plans first hit the market in 1976). The design focus of the Long-EZ was long distance flights with high fuel efficiency A few years later, the Rutan Aircraft Factory first flew their prototype before offering the Long-EZ plans to homebuilders and aircraft enthusiasts.

The Long-EZ differed from the VariEze in several ways including a significantly different (and larger) main wing, more fuel capacity, more baggage storage, wider fuselage, and a different center of gravity so that a higher power Lycoming engine could be used. The Long EZ provides the pilot and passenger a somewhat comfortable reclined seating position, side-stick flight controls (right side), and much greater flight endurance than the typically light aircraft. It has a fuel capacity of about 50 U.S. gal., a typical empty weight well under 800 lb, and cruises at about 184 mph consuming a very efficient 5.1 gallons of fuel per hour of flight. The range of the aircraft is right around 1,200 nautical miles and the maximum speed in sustained level flight is approximately 210 miles per hour (185kt or 340 km/hr).

Famous for many reasons including its ease of construction, performance, endurance, and modify ability, the United States Army had evaluated the Long-EZ as a potential military platform in the early 1980's. They report was released some years later and is published on www.ez.org here in pdf format. The Long-EZ has won several records for light aircraft performance and has been used in atmospheric research and other unique applications. One of the aviation records achieved by the Long EZ is an altutude record. A plans-built Long EZ with a regular and normally aspirated engine was able to achieve and maintain an altitude of over 35,000 feet. Although this record is impressive, the range abaility of the Long EZ is a more often cited specification. Most often, however, it is flown by flight enthusiasts who, rather than trying to break records, enjoy affordable aircraft performance with this high-efficiency airframe.

There have been some discussions in the experimental aircraft builders forums and builder organizations about what Long EZ plans as issued by Rutan Aircraft Factory look like. Unfortunately, there is rampant copyright violations out there with respect to the plans. The Rutan Aircraft Factory no longer sells or supports the Rutan Long-EZ. Since the plans are not available for sale any more, builders do what they can in order to find the information and drawings needed to build one of the most popular composite homebuilt airplanes around. Long EZ aircraft seem to show up regularly at airports across the country, and so often it seem like they are a thousand plus miles away from where they are based. That is a bit of a testament to the utility of the design.

The plans for the Long EZ are very hard to come by these days, and there have been reports of copies of the plans being passed off as originals. Periodically, you can find a set of plans on e-Bay. If you do buy a set of Long EZ plans, make sure that you get a complete set including section I and section II drawings and all pages. These plans can be augmented by CAD files, additional information, plans for a rollover structure nd other information some of which can be found on the www.ez.org site in their downloads section.

The Long EZ is constructed primarily with foam (blue styrofoam, Divinycell, and polyurethane foam) covered in two types of fiberglass (RA7715 and RA7725) laminated with an epoxy resin system such as MGS L285, MGSL335, or West System (only certain types), or EZ-Poxy. Almost all materials, equipment, tools, and everything required to build the airframe are available from Aircraft Spruce or Wicks Aircraft.

Some years ago, I had intended to build a Long EZ and purchased the plans from a gentleman in Flagstaff Arizona who had purchased them originally from Rutan Aircraft Factory and had meticulously kept each issue of his Canard Pusher subscription (a magazine for builders of this famous canard-based light aircraft) in a three ring binder. This was quite a find, and I jumped at the opportunity to purchase these plans.

How many long-ez plans have been sold? I don't know the answer to that question. If you know or have a good estimate, please email me and I can update this note.

I have since decided to build a Cozy Mark IV, a 4-seat re-design of the famous 2-place Long EZ. The Cozy Mark IV is a little bit slower but a lot larger and can carry four passengers (including pilot) instead of just two seats.

When people talk about homebuilt or experimental aircraft, they often assume that it is simply a kit that someone must assemble. The photos below illustrate everything that the Long-EZ builder would receive from the Rutan Aircraft Factory to get started on their project. The Long-EZ (just like the Cozy Mark IV) is truly a plans-built light aircraft, and all the builder starts with are books and drawings. Everything must be constructed from raw materials. There is no kit to start this type of project from.

Long EZ Front Cover Long EZ Plans Front Cover

Long EZ Front Cover Long EZ Plans Front Cover Detail (frequently a detail point in discussion of authenticity.)

Long EZ Plans Front Cover Long EZ Plans Front Cover


Long EZ Sample Page Long EZ Plans, Sample Page

 Long EZ Owners Manual Long EZ Owners Manual

Long EZ Plans (Section II L) Detail Long EZ Plans (Section II L) Detail

Long EZ Plans overview... Plans, Books, M Drawings, owners manual, Canard PushersLong EZ Plans overview... Plans, Books, M Drawings, owners manual, Canard Pushers

Long EZ M Drawings Detail Long EZ M Drawings Detail

Long EZ Canard Pushers Canard Pushers

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