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Primary interests: 1) Simple Stock Photography for editorial and advertising material (represented by Alamy Images), 2) Landscape, and 3) some model / glamour photogrpahy.

The Nikon D2x is my primary camera and has almost completely replaced my work with film. With its pixel capability approaching 13 megapixel and very good focus, speed, and white balance abilities I can easily improve upon my film work. Film has its place, and has not been retired from my camera bag quite yet.

I will fly, drive, walk, or hike almost anywhere to spend time studying the most appealing elements of almost any subject, studying it, and figuring out the best angle and location for the perfect perspective. Then, I will come back over and over at any time of the day or night and in any weather until I find the lighting and the conditions that make the photograph perfect.

Camera Bodies:

  • Nikon D2X 12 megapixel digital SLR (primary camera)
  • Nikon F100 (35mm film camera)
    • + assortment of lenses and filters
  • Minolta Maxxum 600si (35mm film camera)
    • + assortment of lenses and filters
  • Sony DSC F505V (digital point and shoot camera)
    • (The Sony is not used for serious photography... only for documenting my airplane project and for quick low-resolution photos.)


  • 105mm F/2.8D AF Micro-Nikkor
  • 50mm F/1.4D AF Nikkor
  • TC-14E II AF-S 217395
  • 70-200mm F/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Zoom (My favorite lens)
  • 17-35mm F/2.8D ED-IF AF-S Zoom Nikkor

Flash Units

  • SB-800 primary flash
  • SB-800 second flash
  • SB-28DX third flash
  • Several other portable flash units
  • Several remote trigger units
  • Two studio flash units with light modifiers and light stands


  • Gitzo G1227LVL carbon fiber leveling tripod with extending center
  • Novoflex ClassicBall5 ball head
  • Novoflex mounting plate system
  • Gitzo G1578L carbon fiber monopod
  • Manfrotto monopod head


  • Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS3 / CS5
  • Nikon Capture
  • AcdSee Pro, AcdSee Pro2
  • Genuine Fractals by OnOne*
  • OnOne photographer's package*
    • *Not worth the money


  • Sekonic dualmaster L558R light meter
  • MonacoOPTIX xr Monitor color calibration system
  • Over 25 GB of storage on compact flash for extended field work or long shoots
  • ExpoDisc white balance system
  • Cokin Z-pro series of filters and filter holders. A variety of filters (mostly suitable for landscape work)
  • Nikon NC-30 remote release
  • MAHA Powerex battery recharging system
  • Nikon MH21 Lithium Ion charger with multiple EN-EL4 1900mAh batteries for the D2x
  • Loelpro MiniTekker backpack camera bag
  • Modeling paper, props, cables, remote triggers

Gear still on my wish list

  • Nikon D3S
  • Lensbaby
  • A small and easy to use point and shoot camera (for family snapshots and such)
  • More rechargeable AA batteries (Energizer Rechargeable 2500mAh)
  • A larger camera gear backpack
  • Pelican case
  • Pocket Wizard (although my current solution is working for now)
  • Time and airplane tickets to exotic locations




Photography, Copyright Daniel Dillon 2007, All Rights Reserved
Pre-Dawn El Capitan in Yosemite National Park


Photography, Copyright Daniel Dillon 2007, All Rights Reserved

Reflected Symmetry - Yosemite Valley River


Photography, Copyright Daniel Dillon 2007, All Rights Reserved
"Icy Blue Symmetry"
Frozen Riverbank Abstract-Yosemite Winter
(The color rendering is accurate.)

Copyright 2007, 2008 - Daniel Dillon - All rights reserved